some unhappy seaps in

today i was so quiet i put my hands up in the air to block sound waves from hitting me. i made myself a wind tunnel. then i nuked a frozen burrito, and headed out to the parking stall under the shade of the evergreens. jesus christ of latter day.

a pinecone falls.

a black and red mask. breathless on the pavement. so– if all do their duty they need not fear harm — and just this once, i’m not in the wrong place at the right time.

someone asks what i’m looking for. quiet — not people. my tuna salad, and my plastic air lock lid container. i’m looking for my parents.

today was monday the 13th, and nothing like sunday the 12th. a sweet memory now. eating ice cream off a plastic knife.

for d’Verse prompt


    1. Too funny, Ben. No mystery— just a literal description of somebody’s lost black and red Covid mask laying in a parking lot.
      This write is simply about my lunch break away from work— and all of the thoughts I was thinking during that 45 minutes. Of course, those thoughts got mixed with my after dinner thoughts when I actually got around to writing. 😉


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